Monday 30th of march 2020 - Pressand

It's been almost two years, so it was time to take a walk at Hurdalsjøen again. It was cold and cloudy - of course the sun came out the moment we drow home again - but we were all alone, at it was beautiful as always. Needless to say, I didn't bring my camera, and was regretting it, after looking at the pics. Nevertheless, there were enough eye catchers manageable for the smartphone camera.

On our way to the woods - Oscar is exploring the new surroundings

Oscar on the trail

The road into the woods has been renewed, and is easy to walk - but a bit boring.

The road into the woods

Gives me associations to Scandinavian crime novels...

barrier tapes

Back to the water! And there it is - calming as always!


Getting my tea, we took a stroll along the water and to the beach. There is still some ice at the waterfront.

Path to beach


And of course I had to spot a "looks like" picture.


Oscar was done doing the look out, and I couldn't feel my fingers anymore, time to drive home again.