Saturday 2nd of Mai - Old QuerryWho

Who fast forwarded the time? A week since last entry, and I can't believe it. The weather was undecided and so was I, were I should go today. The small companion's contribution was not helpful. So I decided, that we just take a walk through the woods in the neighborhood. But the route that I had chosen, was closed, due to serious forestry. Well then, we went to the old quarry.


On our way to the woods, we went along this field - the colors of the new leaves against the dramatic sky, is just wonderful


It's been some weeks since we went here, and its a lot greener, than it was. Greeted with a cacophony of birds singing, followed with the beats of the woodpecker, we went into the woods. The sun came out, and enchanted the path

Path with sun

It's so green with wood anemones blooming everywhere - so beautiful

Green wood

We went of track and into the woods. Some tree-worm art on our way. Looks a bit like a secret language: Worm


The path proved to be quite an obstacle course, but no obstacle is to big for us, and when it is, we just crawl under it!

Path with timber

And then we came to the old quarry. The light patches in the woods are the fresh leaves of the birches - looks like patches of sun. We were lucky with the weather - no rain.


On our way back, along Huldretjern, the ice is gone and the shrubs around the lake, already start to get denser already.


And finally, some love from an old tree trunk