Monday 4th of Mai - Nordbytjernet

While the car was at the garage for the annual check-up, the small companion and I had some time to explore the vicinity. According to the map, we weren't far from Nordbytjernet, so along we went. First we had to go along the street and over the freeway - but it wasn't as loud as i had anticipated, in fact, for a Monday morning, there weren't many cars and lorries around.

The sidewalk was broad and new and the underpass was nicely done.


And then, we were in the woods.

In to the woods

It was a nice and broad path and the weather was beautiful. But then we came to a crossing and couldn't decide what turn to take. Eventually the small companion put his nose to the ground and went to the right - and I followed.


The path was getting narrower by the minute, and I asked myself whether we were on the right path to the lake.



But then, between the trees, there it was - Nordbyjernet!


We found a nice bench to sit and rest on. Me with my tea and cookie, the small companion with easy-to-digest treats and water.

Bench View

With this view, we could have been here for ever - but, no rest for the wicket, we had things to do. So back we went. But it wouldn't be an adventure, if I found the way back straight away! Eventually we found this gate in the woods and tried it out - and we were on the path back to the garage. A nice walk it was!