Monday 13th of April - Nordbytjernet

Picking up the small companion from his holiday, we stopped at Nordytjernet on our way back. The weather was quite funny, 8 degrees but rough winds and some snowing.


As expected, it was crowded - in Norwegian terms - but then, it's a very nice round trip of about 1.8km.


On some of the waves you can even see some foam. And on the other side of the lake, there is this nice white bench, that I always spot from here, but always forget to look at (and sit on) when I'm on the other side.


And, just as we reached the dog beach, the sun came out and the wind gave way.

Sign Beach

And all of a sudden, the path looked so romantic and enchanted

Path with sun

But, just five minutes later, the wind grew stronger again, the clouds came, and the scenery was different again. Oscar didn't like the wind (needless to say, me neither), so we packed away the camera and off we went looking for the car and some tea.

Dark lake