Sunday 22nd of march - Ladderud

Another beautiful, but cold day, I i thought, I'll take a walk to Ladderud. The walk is not to hard or long - perfect for today! The snow is gone, but because of the cold, the ground is frozen and there are still patches of ice where the warmth of the sun, can't reach the ground.

open fields

I spotted a trail going into the woods. I have to try it out one day and see where it takes me.

Trail into the woods

On my way back I saw this small, broke footbridge. It looks so beautiful and strong, even though its broke, and useless for its purpose. I wonder, how many people have walked over it and where have they gone from there? maybe going for a walk, getting berries in the fall or hunting?


I just had to take a picture of the ice - can't get past a pond with ice, without at least taking one picture.