Saturday 21st of march - Ladderud-Tærud

Today, I'm trying to get from home to the scout hut. It's supposed to be a little more than 3 km, so that should be manageable, and I have wanted to go here for a long time, and thinking, that I now may have the condition to do so. The weather is brilliant , so equipped with water and good spirits we go along.

shadow picture

Well, its not an adventure, if you don't try new paths, and unfortunately, the one that we took, was a struggle. Sorry no photos available, because, we had to fight our way through small spaces, with a fence on one side, and tress and rocks on the other, always seeing the nice broad path under us. Well, now we know, which road to take next time.

But, after getting back on the right track, it was a beautiful walk. On the bench we took a small brake, with water and maybe a treat or two for Oscar.


And then we went into the woods. Here there are still patches of snow and ice, but beautiful still.

path with snow

Coming out of the woods, the path is free. The Sky is just so blue - conditioner for the soul to walk here

Path without snow