Friday 27th of march 2020 - Ladderud-Tærud

I walked the round today, short of 4 km and it was manageable. E6 was very quiet, almost ghost like, but nice for me. The snow patches that where there last week, are almost gone, making the paths muddy, but spring is coming.

I discovered a small fighter. The picture doesn't give tribute to the real image, but I liked the symbolic character of it.

a yellow flower growing between slates

The pattern of the slates make the stone wall come alive, but its still intimidating, because it doesn't look to secure. But the patterns also make for imaginary animals. With some imagination, one could see a roaring lion, or a dragon?

lion or dragon

This path was covered with snow last week:

muddy trail

The woods where a bit dark today, due to the cloudy sky, but it was marvelously quite - you could only hear the wind in the branches and some birds chirping away.

path into the woods

I wonder how long this little bridge will hold. And I love the moss that's growing everywhere.

path into the woods

Net walking time was 1 hour for 3.76 km