Wedensday 15th of April - Huldretjern

Today we just went for a small walk in the neighborhood - the weather was so nice, we had to do some gardening instead. But off we went and along Huldertjern. The pond is located in a valley, surrounded by woods - so not much sun is warming the lake and water. Perfect ground for frogs and mosquito during the summertime, and long lasting ice in the winter.


Today, the sunbeams came through, due to the fact, that the trees still don't have any leaves. But that enchanted the wood and lake and made it a beautiful scenery for us.



And then: the evidence: the wood anemone is here, and so is the spring and it's just a matter of time, before nature wakes up and starts the fast forward spring and then summer.

Wood anemone

Of cause, we can't have a walk without the mandatory brook that irritates my bladder - luckily we had a short way home


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