Thursday 9th of April - Gullverket

Today we went on an adventure and drove to Norway's oldest goldmine. For more information, see the Wikipedia link:


The weather was beautiful, and the temperature around 4 degrees - perfect for some exploring. First we went to look at the goldmine.

gold mine sign

The path was quite adventurous and we ended at a small shore, where they probably washed for gold nuggets.

Path to gold mine


A wonderful place - a lot of pictures today! Luckily I had thought about bringing the small camera, so most pictures today are not from my smartphone.


The small companion is still on holiday, the big companion is taking the lead

Path with legs

Despite of the sun, there were icicles hanging between the moss.


And then off we went, along the broader path...


...and on we went...


...and on...until we turned around at this birch


On our way back, we came by the museum, and of course there has to be a flag


On our drive back home, we came by this frozen lake and this bench on a peninsula. Here we had our tea and biscuits before driving home again.

See with bench


A lovely place, but I bet, it's quite crowded in the summer.