Sunday 19th of April - Godlidalen

There has been just small tours with the companion the last days, due to work in the garden.The spring is coming, and there were a lot of things to do. But today, we went for a longer walk - and a new route. Again, we drove to Gullverket, but this time, we tried out the route that goes to Godlidalen. The sign said 1.9 km and I thought, that this would be manageable. Equipped with biscuits and water, we took the challenge and went along


A little water fall greeted us at the start of the walk.


The road was nice and broad and we walked along the shore.


The lake that had been frozen just a week ago, is now almost free from ice, and it's something about the sun gleaming on the water that is just magical


After a while, the road took a turn and into the wood. I have to admit, that I didn't feel very brave, walking all by myself, into the woods like this. What if I met an elk?! Luckily we didn't. It wasn't the most scenic route that I have walked. A lot of wood, and of course brooks and streams.



When I thought, that I maybe had missed the whole valley, a small cabin appeared around the next bend in front of us. You could call the landscape beside it, as some sort of valley. And since there was no sign, the gps showed 1.9 km, and the road ended here I decided, that we had reached the goal of our journey.



The "niste" was packed out and we had a well deserved brake - the view could have been nicer though.


The road back was very uneventful: The same road, no elks or other animal, but the face towards the sun (The freckles are growing).