Thursday 26st of march - Edisvoll Verk

Eidsvoll Verk again. I took the round trip. When arriving, I was the only car on the parking, when coming back, there where 15 cars. It was unusually many people - not used to that on a morning tour in the middle of the week The weather was ok, cloudy and not to much wind, ideal for walking. The mild weather has caused melting in the mountains, and the water falls where wild and loud.



The path was very muddy, and Oscar had to take a bath, when returning home. Its always so beautiful here - conditioner for the soul - and every time I walk here, I see new things or small changes.

Today I spotted an optical illusion. I have taken a picture of this tree before, but today it looked like it was hanging in mid air and it was difficult to distinguish which branches where real, and which ones where mere reflections

optical illusion

The major beaver project is on a hold, instead there are multiple small trees that have been cut down by them.

the beaver project