Tuesday 24th of march - Eidsvoll Verk

Today, we walked along the river, instead of taking the round trip. It was so muddy, but beautiful as always. The mild weather has filled up Andelva and the waterfalls are starting to roar again.


Because all the shrubs are still flat from the snow, I spotted this bench at the water front. I have to remember it, when summer comes!

bench at waterfront

Instead of taking the trail back at Vengerfossen, we continued straight on. This part looks more like wild forest, with upturned trees and moss everywhere. This huge tree and its roots makes me think of the trolls and forest creatures.

upturned tree

On the other side, this huge stone wall loomed over me. With the trees barely hanging at its edge, it looked quite intimidating.

stone wall

On the other side of the road, the ground was covered with moss and a small brook trickled peacefully along its bed.

forest with brook

All in all it was the perfect scenery for Ronja Røverdatter or all the norwegian fairy tales. I need to further explore this corner of Eidsvoll Verk - so enchanted.