Monday 11th of Mai - Bergermoen

Tree Here again! But so much has changed, since I was here some weeks ago - so much green. This time I decided to take the round trip again, but his time the other way around. The first part of the trip goes along this path.


This path is part of an app. 4 km long forest trail, where timber was transported out of the woods with horse and cart.

Off course we mustn't forget the mandatory small stream!


Instead of following the trail, we turned left and further into the woods


Here the wood is not as thick, so you could see the elk before it stands in front of you.


Another small stream, this time colored from iron, before the landscape opens, and we are among green fields. Turning left again, back to start and home.



Spotted this look-alike hobby horse. Wondering, if the branch was placed there or just fell and fitted perfectly on the trunk


And finally some man made and nature made patterns