Saturday 28th of march 2020 - Bøn and Spitalvegen

My first stop was Bøn. I had a hope, that I could park here and get on the path along Andelva to Eidsvoll Verk. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Instead I found the fourth water fall: Bønsdalen. It falls 19m and is impressive. Of course its secured with fences, and I am not high enough to take pictures over it, so peaks through the fences is the only way, for this time being.

Bønsdalen befor the fall

Bøsndalen fall1

Bøsndalen fall2

It lookes like the water goes directly into the building

We drove on to Bygdetunet and Spitalvegen, a pilgrimage route from Eidsvoll to Hurdal. A beautiful trail through the woods. Oscar had to go on a leash, so a good place to go, when the summer comes. First I went on a road called Kvedalsvegen.

trail Kvedalsvegen

Surrounded by wood and patches of farm land always followed by a little stream.


Some small evidence of spring coming:


Then on Spitalvegen, with the sun shining through the branches and making light patches on the mossy ground, the trail is beautiful! I have to come here again.