Saturday 4th of april 2020 - Andelva

Since the weather was so nice today the parking at Eidvoll Verk was packed, so I decided to drive a bit upstream and take a walk there. There goes a gravel road into the woods, since service vehicles use it to mend the fences along the E6 that crosses Andelva here.

But until you reach E6 you can see the river through the trees


It looks like there has been al lot of water coming down to the river.


And along I go!

Gravel road

Around this time cattle are grazing on the other side of this cattle guard, but not yet, or else this makeshift gate (pallet) would be closed

cattle guard

If what I know o f geology is right, this rock of slate must have been horizontal at one point in time to get this pattern. It's amazing what forces those glaciers must have had.


And then there is the little brook that always follows you, making me need to find a restroom sooner than later...time to head back.


On the way back, I spotted this little gem at the beach - hadn't it been for the brook, I could have taken a small brake here. Next time!