Updating LineagOS on OnePlus3

This applies also to other devices but is currently approved for my OnePlus3 (A3003) with LineageOS 16 and 17.1 (Android 9 and 10).

Don't update with builtin Updater!!!

  • You may use the builtin Updater for being notified about new updates and to download images (don't forget to export image before rebooting into recovery)
  • Don't - and I mean never - push the install button!
    • If you do so regardlessly you will end up in a boot loop
    • and have to wipe your data partition in recovery before you can successfully install a working OS on your device again.
    • So you'll lose all of your apps and their settings. And that sucks so unbelievably much!!
  • Instead of this you should:

    1. Download the update either by

    2. doing so with the Updater in your devices settings. You might have to export the file before you can find it from your recovery.

    3. Or you just download it at https://download.lineageos.org/oneplus3.

    4. You may install it by using adb and sideload.

    5. But the safest way I found up to now is to just reboot into twrp recovery and install it there. It never failed yet.
  • Again: Don't trust the official sources who strongly reccomend using the builtin Updater!

    • Just don't. It haven't been fixed even with 17.1-images. It might be linked to twrp recovery and maybe the newest version of it fixed it when you read this. Let me know if you have tested this succesfully.
    • But: Before you test it: Do a complete system backup (the system image option).